McGregor av UFC 200 vil koste UFC 45 millioner dollar

Ifølge amerikanske ESPN vil det bli en dyr pris å betale for UFC dersom de holder fast ved avgjørelsen å fjerne Conor McGregor fra UFC 200.


Let's conservatively say the difference between McGregor-Diaz II and Jones-Cormier II is 500,000 buys. If we believe White's numbers for UFC 196, plus we give that number a sharp 25 percent haircut given that McGregor lost to Diaz in early March, we're still at 525,000 more buys. At $70 a pop, that's $36.7 million in additional gross revenue to the UFC.

Now let's look at ticket prices. The UFC will put UFC 200 tickets on sale this week and expects it to be the most expensive face value in UFC history. For perspective, McGregor's Vegas fights are the top three gate-revenue cards in Nevada's history.

UFC 196 broke the UFC record for live gate revenue, at $8.1 million. Face value prices for UFC 196, which began as McGregor-Rafael dos Anjos but eventually saw Diaz stepping in, started at $204 and topped out at $1,454. For comparison, ticket prices for UFC 195 (Condit-Lawler) were $104 to $804 -- and drew 3,500 fewer fans. The live gate difference between the two cards was $6 million.

White's philosophy, at least publicly, was that McGregor will fight again and the UFC will always have leverage over him when it doesn't get what it wants. In some sense, White was right. There isn't a competing place for McGregor to go that provides him with the audience that the UFC does.

On the other hand, it didn't recognize that the UFC had huge plans to celebrate not only its survival but its "thrival" with the 200th event. With McGregor back on the card, expect ticket prices to top that of 196 and expect attendance to be just as good. Assuming that, a live gate number of $10 million is achievable. Without McGregor, there's no way that much of a price jump can be justified, plus we'd expect to see empty seats. Difference to the live gate is then roughly $7 million. Throw in another $800,000 for additional merchandise royalties and concession revenue with more butts in the seats.

So we're up to $44.5 million in additional revenue with McGregor in.