Thomas Moon Lee returnerer til buret

Møter Michel Ersoy ved Superior Challenge 13 9. april.

Den norske MMA-fighteren Thomas Moon Lee annonserte tirsdag via sin facebook at han han kommer til å returnere til buret, og at han 9. april møter Michel Ersoy ved Superior Challenge 13 i Norrköping.

Fra Moon Lee's facebook:

So then it's official! I'm fighting yet again in the well organized promotion called Superior Challenge in their 13th edition. 9th of April is the date, and I have already started my fight camp. Over the past 6 years I have tried to combine my passion for fighting with the daily routines like work, family etc. and as most of you know it's impossible to solely live of the fighting in Norway, one reason because of the ban of our beloved sport. Which make it impossible to come up with good sponsorships deals. And it's a lot of expenses as amateur to travel around to gain experience. That said I have never been in it for the money nor fame. But you got to provide food on the table and pay for a roof over your head. A lot of things has to fall into place. 

Something else most of you don't know is that I've had some health issues over the last years making it hard to compete at the highest level. The thing is that I now, finally feel in great shape and think it's time to bring back the fight zone I know I possess. I realize that I will never be able to give mma my full attention as a fighter anymore. But I love to coach and bring up new talents which I'm so lucky to do at Oslo Fight Center in Oslo, Norway right now, and in several other academies over the years. we already Have a nice rooster of active fighters and we also have two fighters representing the national amateur mma team. So we are on the right path. 

So to all my friends and people that have followed me, I herby announce that this will be my very last fight! And I promise to even my record to be 10-10-2 as pro. And make this the best fight since my best days which was from 1998-2006. I'm grateful that I'm given this fight since my results in Superior hasn't been the best earlier due to the circumstances mentioned earlier. Thanks to Babak and the whole SC family. It's great to get the chance to end my carrier in the country where it all started. And in a well produced promotion as Superior is. I won't disappoint this time. Michel Ersoy and I will bring a great show. Come support me. Because this will be the last chance I will step into the cage. 

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