Craig Powell: - This is set to be our biggest event yet


Førstkommende lørdag er det klart for BCMMA 20, og organisasjonens medeier Craig Powell har store forventninger til deres foreløpig største stevne, som har hele nitten (!) norske utøvere på kampkortet.

British Challenge Mixed Martial Arts 20 (Cage Warriors Academy) braker løs lørdag 25. november i Colchester, og en rekke norske MMA-utøvere skal entre buret for å vise sine ferdigheter i kamp. MMA Norway har vært i kontakt med Craig Powell (medeier i BCMMA) som velvillig forteller om BCMMA som organisasjon, deres kommende stevne og ikke minst hvilket inntrykk han har av norske MMA-utøvere.

- BCMMA is a true platform for grass roots MMA in the UK and Europe. We pride ourselves on turning our talented fighters into stars. To help build their fan bases and help to create that star quality buzz around a fighter. Our sole goal is to give the best amateur and pro fighters in Europe a place to showcase their MMA fighting talents.

Our next show is BCMMA #20 Cage Warriors Academy South East on November 25th. This is set to be our biggest event yet with one of our big stars Emrah Sonmez following in the footsteps of the likes of Conor McGregor by aiming to become the people's champ, champ. He will be looking to take home his 2nd pro MMA belt. This time dropping down to the feather weight division.

We love having Norwegian fighters on the card. We are seeing nothing but talented fighters coming over and showing everyone who they are. The fact MMA is  still Illegal in Norway means that fighters really are dedicating themselves and training like pros to get fights. They are experiencing flying abroad even for amateur fights which shows just how devoted they are to the sport. All I can say is, the Norwegian fighters train and conduct themselves like pros. That's why we love to have them on the show!

The BCMMA 20 fight show will be available on PPV for just £4.99 at . BCMMA always brings an excellent evening of high level MMA to its audience. 

Kampkortet for BCMMA 20 ser slik ut.